Services Offered

Beartooth Forestry specializes in the restoration and clearing of overgrown land. Some of these services include but are not limited to the following: 

Forestry mulching

Buckthorn removal
Pond, creek & ditch bank brush clearing
Small acreage timber harvest
Removal of dead or dying trees
Selective clearing/thinning
Post logging cleanup
Cutting trails
Wild fire “ladder” fuel reduction
Pre-survey thinning
Deer leases: Shooting lanes & food plot areas
Pasture restoration
Stump grinding
Disaster relief/storm clean-up
New neighborhood developments
Invasive species removal

Please contact Nate via phone or email for inquires about services not listed here! 



Bradco MM60 Forestry Mulcher

This mulcher is most commonly used for clearing land and breaking trails. It is designed with a variable displacement motor that automatically determines the best combination of speed and torque to tackle any situation. 

Nate chose to use this mulcher because of how well it pairs with the Kubota skid steer. By running the mulcher on only one machine, Beartooth Forestry is also able to reduce fuel emissions. 

Kubota SVL 95-2S Skid Steer

Our Kubota Skid Steer is the largest made and runs on rubber tracks. This allows Nate more versatility to maneuver into tighter areas. These tracks also have very low ground pressure, which reduces the compaction of the soil, making it easier to grow new grass afterwards.